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Mai Web Series review 2022 Cast, Story, Real Name, Wiki & More

Mai Web Series review 2022 Cast, Story, Real Name, Wikipedia & More:There is a dialogue of a character in Mai, ‘No matter how much some people wear the lamp, their genie never comes out.’ You feel the same for Netflix India while watching this web series. This OTT platform, which gives successful and attractive originals abroad, does not seem to be getting success in Hindi.

mai web series review
Mai web series review

Mai Web Series Review 2022: Story

‘Mai’. Where Sakshi Tanwar has done what Raveena Tandon did in ‘Matra’, and Sridevi in ​​’Mom’. Sakshi has played a character named Sheel, who lives with her husband and daughter. This story is set in Lucknow. Not that beautiful Lucknow, on which lions and poems have been written. Seeing this Lucknow, a dull feeling comes. The city has been shot in such brown and beige colours. The role of Sheel’s daughter Supriya is played by Vamika Gabbi, who can hear but cannot speak. Apart from taking care of her home, Sheel also works in an old age home. The turning point of his story comes when one day his daughter is killed by a trucker. This incident, which seems like an accident at first glance, stings Sheel.

Mai Web Series Story

She just sets out to know the reality behind this accident cum murder. Meaning, Literally leaves the house. Wants to know who killed her daughter, why. In his journey, Sheel does not only get answers to these questions, but some other questions make eye contact with him. Like was she really a good mother, and how much did she really know the daughter for whom she has come out to fight the world?

Nothing in this world matters to Shil, except why his daughter was killed. She makes this passion her driving force and her middle class starts getting away from the world. This sudden transition may be shocking to someone, but the madness that separates the human from the human being can be considered as the reason. This series is completely about Sakshi and her character Sheel. Everyone else is secondary here.

Mai Web Series Review 2022

Naseeruddin Shah once said that we often think of crying and shouting as acting. That is, being loud is the definition of acting for us.

In ‘Mai’, Sakshi’s part came in many such scenes, where there is an emotional breakdown of her character. Seeing Sakshi in all such scenes, you feel uncomfortable, seeing the condition of her character, there is a prick in the mind. But only his emotional scenes are not the highlight of the show.

Mai Web Series review: She is not seen breaking her character even at a single moment during the entire series. Like we are told in the beginning that Sheel just answers yes in front of her brother-in-law and sister-in-law. There is a scene ahead, where he is on his revenge mission. Then suddenly there is an entry of brother-in-law. He asks will I drop you. Sheel, without losing a second, says yes and sits in his car.

Without thinking about the revenge for which she was yearning so much, she behaves in front of her brother as she has always been.

Mai Web Series Review

The best and perhaps the worst thing about the series is that its entire focus is only on modesty. Apart from modesty, we do not know any character so much that if someone asks to write a page on them, then we can write. The show may have tried to tap all the other plots along with the storyline of Shail’s revenge, but could not land in them. After Supriya’s death, tried to show her father’s loneliness, to touch Supriya’s past.

Mai Web Series Review

There is another reason to tell this story the story of Sheel. A woman tied to a set routine suddenly starts staying out of the house all day long and no one cares. No one questions what is going on in your life. It knocks. At the same time, it is also a matter of how Sheel is able to manage all this. In one scene, she is trying to enter the base of illegal workers and in the next scene she reaches the hospital to meet the family.

Mai Web Series on Netflix

Indian shows dealing in crime dramas have been running on a set pattern for some time now. There will be some elements which will be kept without talking, there is such a case here too. Like a couple with a bean sex relationship, bloodshed that cuts hands and feet and shootouts on a large scale. There are some flaws in ‘Mai‘, but still it should be counted among the best works of Sakshi Tanwar. The only problem was that apart from his character, no one else gets that much weightage. You can watch the rest of ‘Mai’ on Netflix.

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Mai web Series Cast

  • Sakshi Tanwar
  • Vivek Mushran
  • Wamiqa Gabbi
  • Anant Vidhaat
  • Raima Sen
  • Ankur Ratan
  • Prashant Narayan
  • Vaibhav Raj Gupta
  • Seema Pahwa

Mai Web Series Wikipedia

  • Title Mai: A Mother’s Rage
  • Main Cast: Sakshi Tanwar
    Raima Sen
    Wamiqa Gabbi
    Vivek Mushran
    Seema Pahwa
  • Genre: Crime Thriller
  • Creator: Atul Mongia
  • Director: Anshai Lal
    Atul Mongia
  • Producer: Karnesh Sharma
  • Co-Producer: Manoj Mittra
  • Story and Screenplay: Atul Mongia
    Amita Vyas
    Tamal Kumar Sen
  • Editor: Manas Mittal
  • DoP: Ravi Kiran Ayyagari
  • Lyrics: Anvitaa Butt
  • Associate Producer: Saurabh Malhotra
  • Casting Director: Atul Mongia
  • Executive Producer: Anshai Lal
    Karnesh Ssharma
    Sudip Sharma
    Atul Mongia
    Anshai Lal
  • Associate Producer: Saurabh Malhotra
  • Production Designer: Meenal Agarwal
  • Costume Designer: Veera Kapur Ee
  • Background Music Composer: Sagar Desai
  • Sound Design: Vinit D’souza
  • Creative Director: Ankit Malik
  • Production House: Clean Slate Filmz

Mai Netflix Trailer

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