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(Trending) Acharya Movie Review 2022: See How Is Acharya Movie, What Is The Story?

Acharya Movie Review: Today We Are Going To Tell You About The Film Review Of South’s Superstar Ramcharan And Chiranjeev ‘S Film Acharya, What Is The Opinion Of The Critics. Apart From This, The Film Also Has Heroine Pooja Hegde And Villain Sonu Sood.

Acharya Movie Review: what is the story of the film?

Acharya Movie Review: Let Us Tell You That This Temple Town Loses Its Glory After Dharmasthali Basava (Sonu Sood) Took It Under His Clutches. Acharya (Chiranjeevi) Enters The Shrine And Begins To Slowly Mend-It With His Silent But Violent Acts. Acharya Had To Come To Save The Shrine For One Reason And That Is Siddha (Ram Charan). Who Is Siddha And How Is He Related To Acharya? What Is Acharya’s Background And How Did He Solve The Problem Of Dharmasthali? Acharya’s Story Answers All These Questions.

Acharya Movie Review
Acharya Movie Review

Acharya Movie Review: See how is Acharya movie, what is the story

Megastar Chiranjeevi Is Returning To The Theaters With His Acharya Directed By Koratala Siva. Chiru’s Last Outing Was With Sye Raa In 2019. Acharya Is One Of The Most Awaited Films Due To The Presence Of Chiranjeevi, But Ram Charan Also Plays An Important And Lengthy Role In The Film. The Trailer Mostly Seems To Serve Up Commercial Elements, With Two Superstars Becoming Protectors Of A Temple Town. The Film was Finally Released Today And Here Are The Reviews From The US Premiere.

Let Us Tell You That Senior Heroes Like Chiranjeevi Have Reached A Point Where They Are Being Very Protective Of Themselves During Story Selection And Often Coming Up With Similar ‘Safe’ Stories With So-Called Commercial Elements. Acharya Ends As A Regular Story With All The Predictable Scenes.

The film needed proper direction

The Director Gives A New Background With Words Like Dharmasthali, And Padaghattam And Introduces Us To The Savior, Acharya Among Them. But It Did Not Take Time For A Commercially Viable Film To Return To Its Regular Masala Formula.

The First Half Starts Off Slow With An Interesting Voiceover From Mahesh Babu But Doesn’t Pick Up The Pace Even After Chiranjeevi Enters. After That With His Entry, The Most Essential Highlights And Highs Disappeared. The Scenes Can Be Easily Guessed. Though Chiru’s Dance Is Good To Watch, Lahe Lahe And Sana Kashtam Songs Appear Clearly Compelled.

The love story of Ramcharan and Pooja is weak in the film. With Chiru Alluding To His Mission And Siddha In Dharmasthali, It Is Fairly Clear That The Second Part Is About Siddha. Whereas Even The Most Popular Siddhas Go To An Old Narrative Of A Rescuer Or A Savior. Ram Charan And Pooja Hegde ‘S Love Story And The Song After Those Scenes Are Extremely Boring.

Acharya Movie Review

The Villains Sonu Sood, Jisshu Sen Gupta, And Their Brothers Are Just The Villains We’ve Seen In Many Movies That Mainly Worry About Mining And Encroachment. At Least The Villainous Ways Of Harassing Good People Don’t Change Here, Like Padaghattam Adulterating People’s Medicines, Etc. On Top Of That, The Three Villains Sound The Same, Perhaps Because Of The Use Of The Same Dubbing Voice For All Bollywood Villains.

There Are Many Other Old Scenes Like Punishing A Rapist, Saving A Girl From Bad Youth, Saving Young Boys From Mine Work And These Come As A Part Of Enhancing The Heroism. Scenes Like The Brutal Murder Of An Honest Officer Like Basava, The Stabbing Of Siddha In The Back, And The Supply Of Drugs To The Youth Are As Old As the Mountains.

Lack of character in the film (Acharya Movie Review)

Acharya, Himself Mostly Remains A Spectator In The Second Half To See Siddha Again With The Same Old Formulaic Visuals And Heights. A Few Combination Scenes Between Charan And Chiru Turned Out Well, While Their Comedy In Mine Failed Miserably. The Climax’s Fight With Acharya In Destruction Mode Is Red And Violent, Which May Leave Some Action Fans Mesmerized.

Having Said That, Acharya Is An Age-Old Drama With Some Amusing Dances And Many Predictable Scenes. The Presence Of Mega Heroes Chiru And Charan Cannot Help The Film, As The Story And Narrative Are Huge Villains Here.

Chiranjeevi Is Good As Acharya, But His Story Fails To Create Much Impact And Depth. Neither His Character Gets A Strong Presentation In Dharmasthali. Two Fights Where He Becomes A Vigilante Who Tries To Rise Up But Ends In Vain. His Dances Are Still Great To Watch And This Is The Saving Part Of Almost All The Songs. Chiranjeevi’s Role Is Dull And The Megastar Really Doesn’t Get Anything Special To Perform Here.

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Ramcharan did a better job in the first half (Acharya Movie Review)

Let Us Tell You That The Role Of Ram Charan Is Very Much Liked From The First Half, But His Role Is Also Very Formulaic And Mostly Predictable. The Actor May Have Gone From Directing, But His Role Could Not Entertain Much. With Slow And Predictable Narration, The Roles Of Both The Mega Heroes Look Dull And Routine. Both Their Characters Do Not Have A Strong Emotional Connection With The Dharmasthali/Padaghattam Sentiments.

Acharya Movie Review: The Beautiful Dance Of Both Chiru And Charan In Bhale Banjara Song Is A Sight To Behold. The Song Sounds Interesting And Catchy Just Because They Both Dance In Perfect Sync. Pooja Hegde Has Got A Small Role And Makes Mostly Guest Appearances. With Chiru Not Having A Heroine, Pooja Hegde Is There To Fill The Gap As Charan’s Love Interest.

About Koratala Siva Work in Acharya Movie

Koratala Siva is one of the few directors who has succeeded in adding a message to commercial elements. All his films from ‘Mirchi’ to ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’ are super hits. If such a director makes a film with star heroes like Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan, the expectations of the audience will be in a range. Expect a new story. But the fights showed the audience an old story. It’s not even that interesting. In every aspect of the story, narration, and words, he was subjected to the deep frustration of the struggles. At one point the average viewer could not help but wonder if this was actually a Koratala Siva movie.

Apart From This, Sonu Sood, Jisshu Sen Gupta, Tanikela Bharani, And Others In Film Are Fine, Although They Are All Given The Same Old Roles They Have Played Multiple Times. Satya Dev Makes A Guest Appearance And Is Fine.

Acharya Movie Review

  • Title: Acharya
  • Rating: 2/5
  • Cast: Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan, Pooja Hegde, Sonu Sood, Jushnu Sen Gupta, Vennela Kishore, Tanikella, Ajay etc.
  • Camera: Thirru
  • Editing: Naveen Nooli
  • Music: Manisharma
  • Producer: Niranjan Reddy, Anvesh Reddy,
  • Directed by Ram Charan : Koratala Shiva
  • Release Date: 29 April 2022

Final Words

Acharya Movie Review: Hope Today We Told You About The Movie Review Of The Film “Acharya” If You Liked This Article. If You Like This Then Do Like And Share With Your Friends And Tell Us By Commenting.

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