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Latest Ullu Web Series List 2022: Don’t Miss These Upcoming Web series on Ullu !

Latest Ullu Web Series List 2022: Don’t Miss These Upcoming Web series on Ullu: If you missed any of the 2022 Ullu web series, this post is for you. Below we have provided a full list of the latest hit web series released by Ullu in 2021-22 and you will see the names of the hit web series it has released. date and cast.

Recently there are number of web series trailer released on YouTube and Most of theme created sensation on audience. So Ullu Web Series audience also waiting for those web series releases.

Latest Ullu Web Series List 2022
Latest Ullu Web Series List 2022

Latest Ullu Web Series List 2022 And Most Trending Ullu Web Series

Jhumke Ullu Web Series is the Hot and Trending Web series on Ullu App and its in Hindi language. The Jhumke web series already released on the Ullu App or the Ullu App official website on April 26, 2022, and you can watch it online.

Latest Ullu Web Series List 2022: Love Next Door Ullu is a web series in Hindi English Love Next Door is the highly anticipated Ullus web series released in 2022 only, if you are interested in this web, this Ullu web series will be on 3 May 2022 Post If you like watching series, then this web series will be special for you. Created under the umbrella of Ullu Originals, Ferrous is a politically based story and a full trailer for a suspense drama set to hit theaters in 2022.

Most Trending Ullu Web Series list 2022

  1. Jhumke Ullu Web Series
  2. Zaroorat Palang tod Ullu Web Series
  3. Jalebi Bai Part 3 Ullu Web Series
  4. Love Next Door Ullu web series
  5. Karma Ullu Web Series
  6. Charmsukh Chawl House Ullu Web Series
  7. Jalebi Bai Part 1 Ullu Web Series
  8. Jalebi Bai Part 2 Ullu Web Series
  9. King’s Man Ullu Web Series
  10. Kuttey Ki Maut Jaghanya Ullu Web Series
  11. Kavita Bhabhi Ullu Web Series

Latest Ullu Web Series List 2022

The five parts of the Karma Ullu Web Series were also loved, as was the dramatic romance in the Chhal Ullu web series, which will be released on the Ullu app in early 2022.

The Ullu app is an on-demand video streaming service offering a wide variety of video streaming services from drama, romance, horror, suspense, thriller to comedy. Written and directed by Praveen Hingolia, this Ullu web series stars Himani Sharma, Paritosh Sand, Vishal Singh, Kiran Singh, Rahul Yadav, Ram, Preity Maurya and more.

The series features main characters Priya Gamre (Sarla), Mishti Basu (Janvi), Prithvi Zutshi (Sohan Ali), Nishant Pandey (Runak) and Bhanu Suryam Thakur (Deepak). Priya Gamre, Amika Shail, Ayushi Jaiswal, Sabi Nayak, Piyush Sukhia, Sakshi Parihar and Shikha Malhotra read the Majboori Charmsukh online series.

Must Watch These Ullu Web series Episodes on Ullu App

Watch the latest episode of Palang Tod Beta Aashiq Baap Ayyash Ullu online series from 4th March 2022. If you really like watching stories like this, download the Ullu app, subscribe to the app and enjoy all Ullu shows. The story revolves around Kavita, an erotic young woman who counsels men over the phone and heals their sexuality by telling them stories about their Kavita in bed.

Recently Released and Upcoming Ullu web Series list 2022

  • Julie 2
    Release date:13/05/2022
    Lead cast : Aman Verma and Nehal Vadoliya
  • Gaddar Jaghanya
    Release date:10/05/2022
    Lead cast : Priya Mishra
  • Love Next Door
    Release date:03/05/2022
    Lead cast : Anamika Kadamb, Ankit Bhardwaj
  • Saree Ki Dukaan Charmsukh
    Release date:29/04/2022
    Lead cast : Sonia Singh Rajput and Arohi Barde
  • Jhumke
    Release date:26/04/2022
    Lead cast :
  • Jalebi Bai Part 3
    Release date:22/04/2022
    Lead cast : Prajakta Dusane, Ridhima Tiwari, Alina Sen
  • Palang Tod Zaroorat
    Release date:19/04/2022
  • Jalebi Bai Part 2
    Release date:15/04/2022
    Lead cast : Ridhima Tiwari, Alina Sen

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