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#1 [Latest] Charmsukh Web Series Cast Actress Name List, Wikipedia

Charmsukh Web Series Cast Actress Name List, Wikipedia: Ullus Charmsukh web series is one of the sites most-watched shows. The creators of Charmsukh frequently update the platform with new episodes featuring unique and engaging stories. On Ullu, more than 30 episodes of Charmsukh are available.

Charmsukh Web Series Cast
Charmsukh Web Series Cast

The show has a wide cast of well-known actors, which is in constant demand. Charmsukhs serials include The Highway, Mother & Daughter, Behrupiya, Palang Tod, and House Chawl.

Charmsukh Web Series Wiki

  • Name: Charmsukh Ullu Web Series
  • Genre: Thriller, Drama, Romance
  • Language: Hindi
  • Release date: 22 Nov 2019
  • No. of Seasons: 01
  • No. of Episodes: 34
  • Distributed by : ULLU App

Charmsukh Web Series Cast Actress Name List, Wikipedia: All seasons, episodes, and cast details for the Charmsukh webseries: Ullu is currently one of Indias most watched OTT platforms.

Fans are impressed with the concept behind AdultCharmsukh Web Series. They stick around long afterward for its concise, concise story. There was a point when in Indian society, banning obscene Web programs such as Charmsukh.

Platforms like Ullu, by contrast, are commonplace, offering us something different than the common.

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Charmsukh Ullu Web Series Full Details

Charmsukh Web Series Cast: Among the fans of Ullu, Charmsukh is one of the most watched online serials. The number of fans following Charmsukh Online Serial is increasing by the day. The series is currently enjoying a record-breaking high in its popularity.

The actresses on this show are fairly new and young, which is something to behold. As such, their info is not easily accessible in a lot of websites. That is why we came in to help.

With multiple languages and bold content, Ullu web series has gained its popularity and is now becoming one of the most watched online streaming platforms of Indian web series. Ullu has gained in popularity as an Ott platform because of the daring web series that it delivers. On Ullu Ott Platform, you can find different types of materials as well.

Charmsukh web series cast and actress
Charmsukh web series cast

Charmsukh Ullu Web Series Cast

Charmsukh Ullu is the apps most beloved franchise. No matter what the language, each of the webseries produced by it has been an enormous hit. Creators for the web series were created regularly, while following numbers increased.

Ullu actress names The entire Ullu cast is listed below. It provides the details about the actresses as well as other members of the Ullu webseries cast.

Ullu is currently one of Indias least expensive OTT platforms. It is, to my mind, the most cost-effective place to watch short stories, movies, and web-series.

Adult-rated web series make up half the content on the platform. As such, please be mindful of this when watching. But it is not like Ullus production is restricted to just this.

Ullu added a new feature to the app in response to revised censorship rules. They added a child-friendly option in the game. When you turn on that option, any adult-themed series are hidden, and you are presented with the TV shows that you can watch with the family.

Charmsukh Web Series Cast Actress Name List

  • 1. Jinnie Jaaz
    Chandni / Badi Bahu (7 episodes, 2020-2021)
  • 2. Rajsi Verma
    Anya’s Mother / Seema / Swarna (3 episodes, 2019-2020)
  • 3. Deepak Dutt Sharma
    Father-in-law (3 episodes, 2020-2021)
  • 4. Meet Arora
    Chandni’s Husband (3 episodes, 2020-2021)
  • 5. Nidhi Mahawan
    Pinky / Shekhar’s Mistress (2 episodes, 2019-2020)
  • 6. Muskan Agrawal
    Choti Bahu (2 episodes, 2021)
  • 7. Anshul Bammi
    Aakash / Ansh (2 episodes, 2020)
  • 8. Manoj Dutt
    Father-in-law (2 episodes, 2020)
  • 9. Amit Jaitley
    Husband (2 episodes, 2020)
  • 10. Mukesh Kapani
    Sasur (2 episodes, 2021)
  • 11. Sima Pari
    Mother-in-law (2 episodes, 2020-2021)
  • 12. Archana Shukla
    Mother-in-law (2 episodes, 2020)
  • 13. K.N. Tiwari
    Chacha (2 episodes, 2021)
  • 14. Shreya Tyagi
    Ashi / Nandini (2 episodes, 2020-2021)
  • 15. Raghuvendra Pratap Singh
    Vimal (2 episodes, 2021)
  • 16. Aarohi Dike
    Puro (1 episode, 2019)
  • 17. Trisha Choudhury
    Apeksha (1 episode, 2019)
  • 18. Saumya Tiwari
    Preeti (1 episode, 2019)
  • 19. Nikhil Arora
    Anya’s Boyfriend (1 episode, 2019)
  • 20. Abhayshankar Jha
    Gupta (1 episode, 2019)
  • 21.Supriya Shukla
    Tanya (1 episode, 2019)
  • 22. Kasturi Chhetri
    Ketki (1 episode, 2019)
  • 23. Nitesh Mishra
    Rakesh (1 episode, 2019)
  • 24. Nitesh Mishra Rakesh (1 episode, 2019)

Charmsukh web Series Crew (2019– )

  • Directed by: Sol Kohli (1 episode, 2019)
  • Writing credits: Pawan Shah dialogue (2 episodes, 2021)
  • Produced by: Vibhu Agarwal
  • producer (1 episode, 2019)
  • Cinematography by Dharmendra Biswas
  • Dharmendra Biswas (1 episode, 2019)

How To Watch Charmsukh Ullu Web Series All Episodes?’

Charmsukh is steadily becoming the most-streamed serial on Ullu platform. And each new episode is somehow breaking previous ones records.

Now, you may be thinking about how you can possibly even watch the show. You can watch this series really easy because it just takes few steps. To watch Ullu web series, you simply need to follow these steps.

Download the Ullu App from the Play Store. Sign up using your email. 

To stream the webseries, you need to buy the Premium Plan in-app. Ullu gives you plans for weekly, months, quarters, and years. So, pick whatever plans you prefer. Enjoy ULLUs Web Series that you would like to see, all free.

Charmsukh Web Series cast FQ

  1. What About Charmsukh web series?

Each episodes stories in Charmsukh web series are distinct from the others. The producers have always proposed new plots each season. Each episodes stories are filled with lots of tension, mystery, and romance, which makes you excited to watch all episodes in one sitting. All episodes are directed by various directors who have varying mentality.

  • 2. What languages are available for Ullu?

Ullu is available in four languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, and Urdu.

  • 3. Ullu Web Series watch online?

You can watch over 300 hours of original content from Ullu Official App or Website.

  • 4. Who is the owner of Ullu App?

Ullu is a popular Indian online streaming platform owned by Vibhu Agarwal.

  • 5. Is the Ullu app free for Watch?

If you are looking for bold, erotic webseries, Ullu subscription is well worth the price. It is available for a fair price. Ullu allows you to watch 2 videos or web series for free.

  • 6. Where find Charmsukh web series cast list?

You can find Charmsukh web series cast and actress list on official Ullu app and IMDb site. And also find out Charmsukh web series cast and actress updates on dekhobollywood.in


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