Stars war on Language

Twitter War between Kiccha Sudeep and Ajay Devgn

Kicha Sudeep made sensational comments on the Bollywood industry while talking about KJF2 movie. Bollywood hero Ajay Devgn responds to Sudeep's comments.

Once upon a time there were Bollywood movies in India. Records are released in all languages ​​across the country. However, the Bahubali series .. not only in the South Industry but also in the North Industry.

Then came the KGF1, Pushpa: The Rise, RRR, KGF2 films that came as Pan India films, taking the South Range to another level. However, the comments made by O Star Hero on the Bollywood industry are now the talk of the town. They have also opened up to the Language War. Going into the matter

Speaking about KJF 2 movie, Sudeep said, “I am working hard to achieve success by dubbing Hindi movies in Telugu and Tamil. It is not working. We are succeeding everywhere. Hindi is not the national language ‘, he said, making sensational remarks on the Bollywood industry.

Bollywood hero Ajay Devgn responded. ‘My brother .. Kicha Sudeep. If Hindi is not the national language .. why are your films being dubbed and released in Hindi. Hindi is still our mother tongue and national language forever. Janaganamana ‘he tweeted.

Sudeep replied to Ajay Devgan’s tweet. ‘Hello Ajay sir. I understand the message you sent in Hindi. We all respect and love Hindi. We are all from India, sir. That is not the point of my comments. You misunderstood me. I have respect for all the languages